DJ LUCAS • Papo2oo4 & Subjxct 5 • 2hi • Police Create Hippies • people

Thu 03/07/24
$12 ADV // $15 DOS

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Genre: Hip-Hop

DJ LUCAS is an experimental hip hop artist hailing from western Massachusetts. With a decade in the underground, Lucas has collaborated with plenty well known artists including Kenny Beats, Wiki, Papo2oo4, Joeyy, RichieWitDaHitz, Danny G and more.

Subjxct 5

(Elizabeth, New Jersey)
Genre: DJ, Hip-Hop

East coast Producer / DJ – work with Wiki, DJ Lucas, Navy Blue


(Elizabeth, New Jersey)
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

East Coast Rapper – collaborations with Wiki, DJ Lucas, Subjxct 5


(Nashville, TN)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Blending free-spirited psychedelia with melancholic trap and hip-hop, 2Hi creates an all immersive sound.  His music speaks to the sub-conscience, exploring mental health, identity, and self love with rare authenticity.  Born in Milwaukee and raised in Nashville, 2Hi first attracted attention with his 2020 full-length ‘2 Birds’.  With its dream-like and adventurous sound being served as a perfect introduction to a vital new artist.  The following year 2Hi released ‘White Lighter Bad Luck’, its diary-like lyrics and euphoric production really gave us the taste we needed, with each track pilling back the layers of his artistry. Since then, he has maintained a steady stream of  performances, song features, and cameos, making a name for himself.  With new things planned for the future, 2Hi is poised to leave a lasting impact on modern music.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: DJ, Electronic

Police Create Hippies, born and raised in Milwaukee, is an up-and-coming DJ in the dance music scene. Police Create Hippies began as a duo experimenting with DJing as well as live sampling and drum sequencing. “I started out doing little DJ shows with my best friend, Ryan, for our friends and we quickly started making connections with people over our love for all kinds of music. I love pretty much every genre in some way and I think that’s what draws people to us. I’m always approaching my sets with an open mind and I never want to stick to the same vibe the entire time.” While a Police Create Hippies set can end up encompassing just about any genre given the environment, the soul and core has consistently been found in dance music.  “The main genre I enjoy djing however, would have to be described as upbeat and funky dance music. I’m inspired a lot by a lot of 70s soul records and 80s jams my parents used to play and those kinds of rhythms and vibes often come out in my mixes.” Aside from DJing and Producing, Police Create Hippies, also co-owns the SoundWRX recording studio on Milwaukee’s east side. “There I’ve been learning how to engineer, mix and master, record vocals, etc. The plan now is to work on releasing my original music and incorporating it more in my dj sets. I’m very excited to show everyone what I’ve been working towards for the past few years.”


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

“people” is the accidental music project comprised of Milwaukee creatives Ethan Wendt and Joe Urban as an outlet to post their musical endeavors under a vague stage name. Throughout 2023, the two started shining more in their craft, locking in with producing, rapping and working with familiar names in the underground scene. Most notably the Enigma project with AyooLii dropping in the summer of 2023 and Titi Got Mad with Lil Sinn & AyooLii which was recognized in The New York Times Podcast. But at the end of the day, they are just “people” hungry to express their creative output in any form they can, including music.