Large Brush Collection • Hanna Simone • Shell Bells

Mon 02/19/24

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

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Hanna Simone

Genre: Soul

Hanna Simone is a 24 year old American singer songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Influenced by Brandi Carlile, Jewel, and H.E.R.. In a live setting, a driving passion is evident as her blues vocals blend with the high-energy rock edge provided by the musicianship and creativity of her band. Intricate lyrics, matched with her timbre, demonstrate her musical sensibilities as an independent artist. Hanna aims to persuade the audience to feel a real musical connection and intimacy with lyrical vulnerability and honesty.

Shell Bells

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Folk

A noetic amalgamation of indie folk, sunshine rock, neo soul, and sound healing psychedelia, Milwaukee sprite shell bells utilizes her intuitive imagination and tender heart to deliver her song babies straight from her soul. This fæ’s amorphous musical style uses guitar effects and vocals in cultivating a transcendental space ripe with playfulness. You’re invited to share in the sonic journeys of the ever-evolving, wholesome, vibe maker, shell bells.