Milwaukee Day Show: Sandwich • Lagoon • YUSI ft. miur and AG

Sun 04/14/24
All Ages
$10 ADV // $15 DOS

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Genre: Funk, Fusion

Sandwich is a Milwaukee band made up of Luke Murray (Vocals, Guitar), Isaac Visser (Keys), Bobby Walsh (Sax), Kue Xiong (Bass), and Xander Gibbons (Drums). The band plays a mix of fusion, rock, and funk.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Rock

Reminiscent of the days of 1980’s garage bands, Lagoon follows the recipe of when boredom meets musical talent. The band’s familiar and warm style is a direct outlook on the personality of the band itself… in it for nothing more than the love of music.
The songwriting duo Isaac Visser (Keys) and Tate Kowalik (Guitar) originally picked up their respective instruments just to get girls, but now they have found a knack in creating nostalgic melodies and beachy chord changes. The Irishman Owen O’Leary (drums) and vocally blessed Dillon Gallagher (bass) give Lagoon its heartbeat and lifeline. Finally the cherished female guitarist Katie Hyde is the cherry on top of it all, with her surfy licks. Lagoon is a high school band with only a few months left of life, before all of its members split ways and go to college.
Even within its last few months together, the band’s dogma remains the same.
Make Music and Have Fun.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop

After beginning creating music his Freshman year of high school, yusi native to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, embarks on his second performance following the release of his debut album stories I can’t tell. Exploring traditional and alternative hip-hop yusi switches from upbeat and introspective songs throughout his discography. yusi is also one half of the collective miur x yusi with rapper miur who have their explosive hip-hop album Turn On the News. Frequent collaborator A.G. also leaves his mark on multiple yusi and miur x yusi tracks.