Minuit Machine • SYZYGYX • Nevada Hardware • Goth Barge DJs

Fri 10/28/22
$18 ADV // $20 DOS

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Presented by Goth Barge, Milwaukee EBM, Milwaukee Record, and Spektral Music!

Goth Barge is an event organizing DJ collective focusing on unique underground dance events in the greater Milwaukee, WI area.

Show Lineup

Minuit Machine

(Paris, FR)
Genre: electronic

Minuit Machine’s music is often described as disrupted, emotional, and terribly addictive. It will make you wanna dance your heart out to express all the rage, passion, and angst you have inside of you.


(Washington, DC)
Genre: electronic

Luna Blanc as a solo producer and vocalist of this project, lives to transcend her emotions through her music. Bleak post apocalyptic soundscapes fused with retro pop biting synth lines and minor scale hooks fuel the sound of S Y Z Y G Y X.

Nevada Hardware

Genre: electronic

Plug it straight into my brain.
Solo Project of Doug Jones.