Narrow Head • Graham Hunt • DJ Cold Lunch

Thu 05/18/23
$17 ADV // $20 DOS

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Narrow Head

(Houston, TX)
Genre: Grunge, Shoegaze

With Moments of Clarity, Narrow Head dashes away any shadow of romantic nostalgia or indulgent self-deprecation. Channeling equal parts pop-star cockiness and weathered sobriety, the band has, in the truest and most basic sense, arrived at a record that only they could have written. Moments of Clarity does not speak to or build upon the past. Rather, it cuts straight to the heart of the matter, taking the struggle, brilliance, and mystery of contemporary life as its direct subject.

Graham Hunt

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Alternative Rock, Power Pop

Wisconsin Musician Graham Hunt’s latest effort, “If You Knew Would You Believe It?” (Smoking
Room Records) is a journey that confidently tackles pop/rock from every possible sonic angle.
Hunt’s penchant for combining wistful melodies with lyrics that make stagnant moments feel
improbably vivid compliments an increasingly refined incorporation of ’90s and early ’00s
alt-rock touchstones. Through all of the familiarity, Hunt has managed to develop a style that
feels authentically singular, an honest extension of his tastes, preferences, and experiences.