[canceled] Pisse • Stress Positions • NECRON 9

Mon 11/13/23

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Unfortunately canceled due to visa issues. 

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(Hoyerswerda, Germany)
Genre: Punk

Pisse is a German punk band that was founded in 2012 in Hoyerswerda. They are known all over Germany within the punk scene. Although Pisse, unlike other bands, has little internet presence, they enjoy great popularity. Some of their publications are out of print and hard to find. Musically, the band expresses itself through a rough, characteristic vocals, fast tempo and the use of the synthesizer and the theremine. In terms of content, everyday situations are primarily taken up and placed in a humorous context, but with a tendency towards insanity and depression. They published, among others, the EPs Praktikum in der Karibik (2014), Mit Schinken durch die Menopause (2015) and Hornhaut ist der beste Handschuh (2018).

Stress Positions

(Chicago, IL)
Genre: Hardcore Punk

Stress Positions is a band from Chicago, IL. The band is made up of three members from the now-defunct C.H.E.W. (Drummer Jonathan Giralt, guitarist Benyamin Rudolph, and bassist Russell Harrison) with new vocalist Stephanie Brooks. The band formed in 2020 during the Covid pandemic and plays forward-looking classic American hardcore punk. This is jungle D-Beats for clapping cheeks. Expect the unexpected in the kingdom of madness.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hardcore