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Fri 02/05/21
All Ages

REACHout RADIO | GAYNGELS X.O hosted by Jacque L’Alien >> live @ vimeo.com/cactusclubmke

REACHout RADIO brings back GAYNGELS!  GAYNGELS is a queer party spearheaded by Kelsey Kaufmann and joined in organizing by Jacque L’Alien and Demain Glas; coming to you in all it’s multiple and ever changing selves since 2015!  Started at the Borg Ward and continuing to develop and reshape at Quarters and Cactus Club; GayNgels has been a dance party, a performance artist’s stage, a genderqueer extravaganza, a poetry reading, a dramatic vessel for self expression without boundaries.  Hosted and DJed by Jacque L’Alien with special guest DJ from Demian Glas, all under the roof so devotedly stewarded by Kelsey Kaufmann.  Dance and dream and cry and love, in the end you’ll land on a silver cloud populated by GAYNGELS! xoxo.

Scan the QR Code to go directly to vimeo.com/cactusclubmke


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Fri 05/14/21

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Cactus Club is committed to creating a welcome and inclusive environment. Predatory behavior is not tolerated. All gender expressions are welcomed and affirmed.

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