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Sat 11/11/17

Saajtak (Detroit) – Strangelander – adoptahighway

Saajtak is a Detroit-based avant-rock quartet. Channeling the textural experimentalism of electronic music, the drive and energy of punk rock, the catharsis of tragic opera, and the urgency of polymetric grooves, they create a ritualistic sonic experience. saajtak has created a repertoire of compositions that range from complex epic forms to short frenetic noise pieces. The quartet is constantly developing auditory and audiovisual environments that defy genre and entrance listeners, evident in the diversity of acts they’ve shared the stage with. That list includes Xiu Xiu, Laurie Amat, Gaelynn Lea, Alec Redfearn and the Eyesores, Alan Licht, and more. This September will be their debut at both Strange Beautiful Music, the biggest festival of contemporary music in the Midwest, and Sonic Circuit’s Festival for Experimental Music in Washington, D.C.

“Polyrhythmic grooves, effervescent textures, operatic vocals — these are just some of the building blocks of saajtak. When combined, the atmosphere is nothing short of explosively haunting — a miasma of emotive force and unpredictable compositions.”
– Detroit Metro Times

Strangelander is a Milwaukee based septet featuring the highest caliber of musicians across a full sprectrum of sonic influences. Organized by guitarist Steve Peplin, the band also includes Amanda Huff (voice), Aaron Gardner (sax/flute), David Wake (keyboards/percussion), Jeremy Kuzniar (drums/percussion), MIchael Ritter (bass), and Patrick Reinholz (cello)

adoptahighway is the solo experimental music project of Milwaukee, WI based musician Barry Paul Clark (bassist in Field Report, Tontine Ensemble, Argopelter, Lady Cannon) Barry is a classically trained musician, drawing inspiration from patterns of thought and memory, physical/non-physical relationships, and using objects to represent an idea or emotion. He creates using live instrumentation & synthesized sound, and utilizes his extensive experience as an improvising musician in the development/performance of his expressions as adoptahighway.

“…tuneful electronic project showcasing Clark’s ear for warm, plush tones.” – Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express

“Clark combines a nostalgic, goth-industrial aesthetic with a modern, electronic-indie quality, but keeps his structures, tempos, and mood shifting throughout.” – Emili Earhart, Tone Madison

*Come early for the show, stay late for the Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival after party!*

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