SEEN Presents: FILTH!

Wed 06/07/23

Beta Feature: Screenshot Flyers

1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

FILTH! (presented by SEEN) enters and expands the annals of queer film. Placing together queer history and queer presence in Moving Image, we invite you to get dirty with us!! This multi-city (Milwaukee/Chicago) series focuses on underground and independent queer erotica by placing together works of the Now with segments of works from decades passed.

This June 7th event is the Milwaukee closing for the series. THe CHicago closing is June 26th at Epiphany. Full line up below!

Just A Little Taste by Jacquie Ray (she/they)

Growing up food/eating were not things to indulge in, especially if you wanted to enjoy sexual experiences, it was like you shouldn’t have 1 if you want to have the other. So now my work brings the 2 together, food and sex should be indulged and why not together?

Fantasy + by Sweatmother (he/they)

fantasy+ examines humans natural animalistic tendencies. (work in progress synopsis)

Forest Affair by Gracie K. Wallner (they/them)

A human and a tree see each other across the forest floor. Magnetized, they share an intimate connection.

My Garage My Rules by Manon Praline (she/they)

One more day at work at the girls’ garage.

In a play on classic French porn of yesteryear, Lola Tormento goes to get her car fixed but is it really her car engine that is leaking ? She would’nt have sex on the bonnet of the car with the mechanic would she ?

Everything is ok | an ASMR to help you sleep at night by Autojektor (she/they)

A destructive collage of trans identities – the brutal marriage of demonisation and fetishisation of othered bodies.

Flyhole by Malic Amalya (he/him)

In this dual projection slide show of collaged imagery, FlyHole tells the story of a housefly who transitions into a man in order to cruise gay bars. Text and images are photocopied from the March 1985 issue of the adult, gay digest magazine, Manscape, including illustrations by Mike Kuchar.

Multiverse in a Mouthfuck by Jorge The Obscene (he/him)

A metaphysical trip of self-awareness, from the seven principles of Hermeticism to the seven keys to master our lives. (Inspired by true fuckts).

Plus XXX clips from The Vault!!


SEEN is a queer collective of young, fresh moving image makers and curators who aim to disrupt the system of pay to show festivals and censored queer spaces. Through collaboration with other community driven and alternative art spaces, SEEN highlights self defined and nonconformist works in aims to build the foundation for the rise of the Cinematic Gaze/Gayz. More info at @seenmke on IG.

*This is an 18+ donation based event. All participating Artists are paid.*