Sex-Ed For Adults Presents: Abortion Access in a Post-Roe Wisconsin

Wed 09/14/22
All Ages

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Join us for a conversation on how to support people in need of abortions and learn about the work being done to increase access in Wisconsin. This is an opportunity to get answers from experts and untangle the implications of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe. No pre-registration needed. Free. All ages. No haters.


Sex Ed for Adults was a monthly series at the Riverwest Public House Cooperative that covered a broad range of topics around sexual health, pleasure, and relationships. The series ran from 2014-2018(ish).

This is a special pop-up event, featuring panelists:

-Michelle Velasquez, director of advocacy and services, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

-Isabella Horning, volunteer board member, WMF Wisconsin

-Sarah Noble, principal partner, BeNoble Group