Shea Day: Field Report • Dramatic Lovers • Long Mama • DJ Caleb Westphal

Tue 06/06/23

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Celebrate the birthday of Milwaukee music super supporter and all-around amazing person Shea Frevele by watching some of her favorite bands!

Show Lineup

Field Report

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

Fellesskap Records is pleased to present the music video for Field Report’s newest single “Puget Sound.” It’s a video that harkens back to the days of homemade movies, shot by relatives who are so consumed by the thrill of new technology that they don’t care what they film, but end up capturing precious capsules of time. For a song and narrative based around feelings of displacement, isolation, and paranoia, being set to images of its namesake is only appropriate. With footage captured by friend, Noah Gundersen, Christopher Porterfield has put his handwritten lyrics over the unmistakable water and landscape to give us a stark, yet hypnotic experience.

Dramatic Lovers

Genre: Indie Rock

Dramatic Lovers take their name from a violence-prone group of WWI-era anarchists that haunted the very same Milwaukee neighborhood that the band calls home. The band played their first show at the Cactus Club, the exact building in which the anarchists gathered a hundred years before. Their methods and goals are different, but both groups of Lovers share a certain sense of righteous passion.

Long Mama

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Americana

Long Mama’s music blisters with the heart and grit of someone who has lost hard, loved harder, and licked her burns until they stung then silvered. In a drafty attic just west of the Milwaukee River she grew up on, you’ll find songwriter Kat Wodtke (Wood-key) raking through notebooks in search of a salve: words, stories, and sounds to temper the dumpster fires we never mean to light.