Spoy • Silver Fox • Catpiss

Mon 05/23/22
All Ages
$8 ADV // $10 DOS

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(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Metal

“Spoy is a noisy alternative metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that on their debut LP “From The Three” deliver a delirious, winding cacophony of rock and metal sounds, calls, and ravings. From lushly hypnotic chiming guitars over lyrical bass licks and drum grooves to avalanches of warm, synchronistic melodies cascading over aptly driving rhythms. Spoy has jagged grooves, heartfelt tonality, and precise weightiness all the while retaining a ripe sense of humor.”

Cat Piss

Genre: Garage Rock

Cat Piss consists of urea, uric acid, sodium, creatine, pheromones, bacteria, and felinine, an amino acid that gives their urine a distinct odor. An odor that makes your nose shrivel and your parents disappointed that you can’t bother to clean the litter box. Cat Piss, the Omaha band that consists of Sam Lipsett, Casey Plucinski, and Nathan Wolf, similarly disappoints your parents and makes everyone disgusted. A band that formed to cure the ennui that is living in the midwest. What started out as an elaborate joke between Nathan and Casey, a band called “Tightest Groaners”, quickly became one of the nastiest noise rock groups in Nebraska. They recruited Sam Lipsett from Magū, changed their name to Cat Piss, and haven’t stopped since. They recorded their first EP mere months after forming.

On Zeppelin Four Pt. 2, every member carries their weight in songwriting and singing; it’s apparent that this project is a group effort. Their sound would have you mistake them for a band that has been touring together for years with how effortlessly they mesh together. They never miss a beat, even when they choose to lose time. With Nathan on drums and Sam on bass, the rhythm section is an unstoppable force with a real sense of pace. That leaves room for Casey to thrash as much as needed. While all the elements that form their sound are abrasive and confrontational, they retain their goofy nature.

Silver Fox

Genre: Garage Rock