SV + CC Present: Sen Morimoto • Gauss

Thu 03/03/22
All Ages
$16 ADV // $18 DOS

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Show Lineup

Sen Morimoto

Genre: hiphop

Sen Morimoto is a Japanese American singer/multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Chicago. His mix of jazz and hip-hop production, spoken-word rap, and pop sensibilities form a super-genre of modern songwriting and experimental grooves.

Sen has spent years collaborating with all scenes in Chicago from rap (Pivot Gang), Pop (KAINA), Jazz (Resavoir), Indie (Lala Lala), etc… He’s a conduit to all the different scenes and it goes beyond making music. He’s a label head (Sooper Records), an Activist (was on the front page of the Chicago Tribune for it in 2020), and is also a part of the poetry and writing scene.

His 2018 debut LP Cannonball! Was co-released by media giant 88Rising and the Chicago indie label that Sen co-owns, Sooper Records. He subsequently released his self-titled 2020 follow-up on Sooper Records. Both albums garnered critical acclaim in the USA, Europe, and Japan, and led Sen out onto the road including several tours of the USA, two tours of Japan, and appearances at Festivals including the Boiler Room Jazz Festival (UK), Summersonic (Tokyo), Boro Festa (Kyoto), and Head In The Clouds (USA).


Genre: Punk

life-affirming intensity