The Control Freaks (The Rip Offs, Supercharger) • Smart Shoppers • Lousy Sue

Sun 09/01/19
$10 DOS

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Show Lineup

The Control Freaks

(San Francisco, CA)

After years of clenching our fists and throwing tantrums like they were hand grenades, Greg Lowery of The Rip Offs, Supercharger and some other jerky combos finally granted us our wish and slapped us silly with this LP from his latest no-count crew CONTROL FREAKS. Be careful what you wish for, indeed! This is snot-caked Bay Area slime by abusive maniacs with the teen-beat on lockdown, and they will C.O.N.T.R.O.L. your last remaining brain cells!

Slovenly Records, Bachelor Records. Dirty Water Records

Smart Shoppers

(Green Bay, WI)

debut 7" on SpareChange Records Fall 2019

The Smart Shoppers are four cobs from Green Bay, WI who like to make songs like these. Call it punk, call it new wavey surf rocky something or other

Lousy Sue

(Indianapolis, IN)