Twen • Waltzer

Thu 04/20/23
$12 ADV // $15 DOS

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(Boston, MA)
Genre: Indie Rock

This moody five-piece with roots in Boston’s D.I.Y. scene make hard-edged psychedelic pop. Writing songs and navigating their way through an uncertain society on their second LP ‘One Stop Shop,’ Twen charts a course across the sound waves of trans-Atlantic pop.


(Chicago, IL)
Genre: Indie Rock
“Waltzer” (or “waltzy” if you know her personally) has gotta lotta voices in her head. Some of them make her talk in a Minnesota accent, some in a New Jersey accent and sometimes she’ll just scream out of nowhere… ya just neva know what you’re going to get. 
Good chance you’ll dance at the show, maybe mosh, potentially cry, but yeah definitely dance.
Her album “Time Traveler” has found its way into some cool collabs, like everyone’s favorite sad clown, Puddles The Pity Party and Peewee Herman’s Walter White. Years of touring and building a rep in Chicago, Waltzer is now working on their next record.