Vanity Plates • SSAANN • Nopaleros

Thu 02/01/24
All Ages

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Vanity Plates

Genre: Indie Rock
Vanity Plates is rock and roll for people, by people. Combining instruments like drums, bass, and guitar, they ask tough questions and don’t always wait around for the answers. Milwaukee alt-pop for overthinking underachievers.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

SSAANN is a 4-piece, indie dream pop band from Milwaukee. Their songs spotlight duets of atmospheric guitar and lush synth forming a spacey escape. Echoing vocals paired with reflective lyrics cast an illuminating sound to create an effortless, easy-going feel. Expect laid-back yet driving drums, big bass, and cascading keys to make you want to “run to the woods and call your mom”. Members: Melissa Simes (lead vocals/synth), Jack Lundeen (guitar), Tori Yocum (bass), and Ransom Nyhart (drums).


Genre: Cumbia, Experimental, Funk

Nopaleros is a 5-piece group formed in Milwaukee. Combining traditional Cumbias, Cumbias Rebajadas, and Nigerian Funk, these sonics culminate into a continuous absorbent sound that pushes encapsulating rhythms and psychedelic sonics to a dark edge.