Yum Yum Cult • LUXI • Moonglow

Sat 09/17/22
$10 Cover // $15 with CD

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Show Lineup

Yum Yum Cult

Genre: Indie Rock

We’re just 4 Tune-Goonz brewin up the good juice



Genre: electronic

Milwaukee, WI based electronic artist “LUXI” has been refining her musical process for years, while this past year finally finding her stride in the hypnotic dance based electro pop niche, with raw vocals and emotional melodies, she draws much inspiration from personal and relatable topics, to express them in a way that can connect with others.

Addicted to the DIY underground, she prefers small intimate shows where the experience can truly become a magical connection between performer and audience, drawing listeners in with hard-hitting beats and catchy bass lines, they will be sure to walk away from the night with a memorable experience.


Genre: Psych

Soul, funk, and lo-fi chill beats to study to inspired by the Japanese City Pop craze of the late 70’s.