GAYNGELS: flowers* w/ Maat Mons • DJs: Delilac • aaliyaa • MIA

Fri 06/17/22

Beta Feature: Screenshot Flyers

1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Notice: Proof of vaccination is required for entry into this event. Please show a valid vaccination card, clear photo of card, clear photocopy of card, or your state immunization registry which can be accessed online.

Show Lineup


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Experimental
hailing from the nightless garden, flowers* is a rapper/producer/cute bitch who makes uplifting trans-queer positive rap. she likes roses, badminton, long romantic conversations, & pesto. @fairyflowerssss
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Maat Mons / bdwthr

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: electronic

“maat mons is a producer/vocalist native to milwaukee’s north side. blending found sounds and homebrewed synths to make a mix of rnb/hip-hop/pop, they specialize in esoteric, electronic landscapes and emotional verses.

In early 2020, they released their EP ‘safe.stuck?’ under the name bdwthr, a glitchy meditation on time spent inside.
Their upcoming project, ‘map of a mountain’, is due August 2021.”


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: electronic

Delilac, a Milwaukee resident and Apart artist, has a sonic range that covers a vast array of sounds. Regardless of the specific vibe, her selections always bring a raw energy that is strongly connected to the roots of rave culture. For her contribution to Kajunga Program, she throws down a slew of deep and groovy jungle tracks.

DJ Aaliya

Genre: DJ

DJ Aaliya spins electronica/techno and spans the space with her left-field sonic textures.