Honey Creek • Troubled Minds • Kerosene Heights • FARSEEK • Tiny Voices • Excuse Me, Who Are You? • Clementine

Mon 05/15/23
$15 ADV // $20 DOS

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Show Lineup

Honey Creek

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Alt-Pop, Pop Punk

Honey Creek is an Alt-Pop/Pop Punk band from Milwaukee, WI. They love Fall Out Boy, Kid Dynamite, and 100 Gecs and constantly argue about how to blend each of those influences into their songs. If you see them live make sure you have insurance. The band lives together in the same house and their kitchen sink doesn’t work. Honey Creek’s median age is currently 25.8 and they are interested in taking over the world.

Troubled Minds

(Phoenix, Arizona)
Genre: Punk

Troubled Minds of Phoenix, AZ dropped, “Disconnect” in September 2022. The band has shared the stage with many notable names in their scene, such as Turnover, Heart Attack Man, Prince Daddy and the Hyena, Sincere Engineer, Retirement Party, Rozwell Kid, The World Is A Beautiful Place and many more. Above all, Troubled Minds puts on an energetic and passionate live show that’s impossible to forget.

Kerosene Heights

(Asheville, NC)
Genre: Emo, Punk

emo punk from avl nc
no sleep records


Genre: Punk

FARSEEK masterfully blends chaotic punk of Minutemen with the poppy elements of bands like Bomb the Music Industry, the blistering country rock riffs of Dinosaur Jr., and the ethereal dreamy sounds of the World is a Beautiful Place.

Tiny Voices

(Oshkosh, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

Since the release of their 2021 EP, “Where the Time Went”, Tiny Voices has had their grip on the Wisconsin emo scene and aren’t looking to loosen it any time soon. With a solid, unique, and high energy sound that continues to grow, this group has proven their ability to diversify their song writing to handle numerous styles, tempos, and emotions for their listeners.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Emo, Grunge, Punk

Milwaukee Grunge/Emo/Punk
New song Cadaver out now