Leland Blue • Lady Denim • Jorge Vallentine

Tue 08/16/22
All Ages
$10 ADV // $12 DOS

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Show Lineup

Leland Blue

(Grand Rapids, MI)
Genre: Indie Rock

Made up of brothers Connor, Ben, and their cousin Satchel, Leland Blue was founded
young, at middle school talent shows and in family rooms in Midland, Michigan. With
musicians for parents and growing up on the sounds of everything from Led Zeppelin to
Stevie Wonder, the twenty-somethings can’t imagine a different future for themselves.
And it only seemed right to name their band after their roots, a stone they collected as
kids off the coast of the Great Lakes.

Now, they’re embodying the idols they grew up with. Lying between verses of their
songs you can hear The Smiths, you can feel The Cars, and you’re confident they
listened to Disco, RnB, and Rock— But there’s also a genre present no one can
seem to put their finger on, and that’s where Leland Blue turns heads.

With a continuously growing fanbase, the boys found early encouragement when they
released their first single in 2017, “Sofia,” which has amassed over 2 million streams.
After two EPs that continued to develop with every release, the group started to gather
steam by playing a variety of shows across Michigan.

Now based in Grand Rapids, Leland Blue is looking forward to continuing to do what
they love best. While continuing to develop as songwriters and musicians as they look
to experiment with new sounds and musical ideas, Leland Blue hopes to capture the
experience of being human in order to bring people together.

Lady Denim

(Fort Collins, CO)
Genre: Indie Rock

Lady Denim officially surfaced in January of 2019 while attending Colorado
State University. Just a few weeks into that same year, they released “Pipe
Dream” which would be the first track off of their debut EP, “For Edgy Girls,
Like Ramona”.
Early on, they performed their limited discography at dive bars and
crammed college basements, garnering a cult-like fanbase along the way.
They quickly transitioned to headlining prominent venues around Colorado
and supporting national acts, such as Saint Motel, Sports, The Unlikely
Candidates, Generationals, Spin Doctors & more!
The 4-piece is currently based out of Fort Collins, CO consisting of
members Nick Lundeen (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Miles Jenkins (Drums),
and brothers, Nic Lubin (Lead Guitar) & Chris Lubin (Bass). The band pulls
elements of 80s pop and Indie Rock together to create an upbeat unison.
Their fanbase continues to remain dedicated to the energy and positivity
that the band provides.

Jorge Vallentine

Genre: Americana

Often hard to pin down, Jorge Vallentine draws on a variety of influences to create his signature sound, which spans the spectrum between melancholy singer-songwriter and emo indie rocker. With earnest lyrics, vocals ranging from wavery whispers to full out screams, and a multifaceted guitar technique that includes tender fingerpicking, rhythmic hooks, and even chaotic, desperately fast strumming, his diverse style has drawn comparisons to artists such as Elliott Smith, Dashboard Confessional, Bright Eyes, The Spill Canvas, and Blue October.