Mol Sullivan • Hello Sapien • Maximiano • So Zuppy

Sun 03/24/24
$12 ADV // $15 DOS

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Show Lineup

Mol Sullivan

(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Genre: Indie Rock

Cincinnati-based Mol Sullivan’s songwriting speaks earnestly and with grit. Her lyrics coo and lilt via delicate pop melodies and suspend the listener between the ethereal and concrete. Her lyrics and live performances indulge in humor, humility, and emotional revelation. Sullivan has spent the last few years sober and has used this time as a poignant backdrop for reflecting over a chequered past and having been the forlorn villain of her own story.

Hello Sapien

(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Genre: Americana, Folk-Rock, Garage Rock

Hello Sapien is a four-piece alt-folk band out of Cincinnati, OH led by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Stone, who is supported by a cast of well-seasoned musicians — including members of WHY?, Heartless Bastards, and Leggy. While the band’s sound tends to fluctuate between genres, it’s safe to expect lyric-centric tunes with plenty of piano, big bridges, and some interesting twists on traditional songwriting. Stone’s imaginative lyrics and spry vocals highlight his dynamic, Americana-influenced songwriting, with a range of temperaments stretching like the landscapes of peaks and valleys he sings about, with a few enduring quirks that offer some surprise.

So Zuppy

Genre: Indie Rock

“So Zuppy is the solo project of producer Micah Foust.  Over the past several years this he has perfected a bright and bubbly bedroom pop production merged with a distinct soft voice and gleaming vocal harmonies, adding texture through synth and drum sounds that he makes from field recordings and everyday noises.”


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Alternative, Americana, Folk

When singer-songwriter Max Janairo (they/them) performs by themself, they go by their full first name: Maximiano. For the last year and a half, Max has been writing and releasing music as part of the local band Crawlspace, during which time many songs that didn’t fit that group’s aesthetic were stored away. Since the band’s break-up, these songs have found new life and new meaning. Riding waves of indie folk orchestration, Maximiano’s plaintive voice conveys the heartbreak, love, and growth that continue to define the artist’s musical experiences. In live solo performances, Maximiano offers an intimate experience, one that lets the communal love of music overtake and renew the emotion of these songs.