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Thu 06/17/21
All Ages

PALM READING | Poetry, Books, & Wine

On June 17th PALM READINGS returns with a sultry new roster. Featuring both live and remote performances from cherished friends and close collaborators.

We welcome back Nonfiction Wine’s indulgent glass pours. Introducing La Revo Books, a Latinx curated vendor with stacks of stimulating BIPOC focused literature.


Karina Hinojosa

Karina is a writer based in Milwaukee. Born in Mexico and brought to the U.S. at 7 months old, her work explores the complexities of identity in a foreign state from the perspective of her undocumented friends, family, and herself.

Johanna Rose


Member of Nickel&Rose and Ruth B8r Ginsberg; Founder of Riverwest Femme Fest

Milwaukee-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Johanna Rose, centers defunding the police in their newest solo material that hat tips to Willie Nelson while carving out space for itself.

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Mace Guzman

M.O. Guzman (they/them) is a genderfucked, queer, chologoth, artist from the Midwest. Their mediums include poetry, film/video, photography, and performance and their work centers on themes of isolation, displacement, trauma, intersections, decay, and subculture.


Carl Bogner

Carl Bogner is a member of the Teaching Academic Staff in the Department of Film, Video, Animation and New Genres. Once, in the Poetry Section of Boswell Books, he and Antonio Vargas traded Frank O’Hara poems.

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