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Fri 04/07/23

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(Minneapolis, MN)
Genre: Punk

“Products is a guitar rock band from Minneapolis, MN. Their debut LP,“Pink Puma” was released in the spring of 2021, and finds the band mixing lyrical sarcasm and sincerity while laser-sharp guitar work dances atop galloping drums-and-bass. Stretching out into the broader world of left-field rock music, the band draws inspiration from late-70s/early 80s melodic punk/post-punk/new wave/no wave/art pop as well as modern iterations of this sound. Formed in early 2018, the group has since toured the US and acted as local support with groups like Dehd, Gustaf, Shopping, Bodega, and Tenci.

The Present Age

(Oshkosh, WI)
Genre: Punk

Art-punk band from Oshkosh, WI. Finalizing their lineup in 2019, the group’s sound is marked by contrasting ambient and stiff guitars, dynamic control, and lyrical themes of consumerism, anti-capitalism, and absurdism. They are currently performing in support of their recent album, Avenues of Widespread Consumption.

The Nile Club

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

THE NILE CLUB is a group who writes and self records music for all people. Named after an abandoned pyramid-shaped nightclub on the backroads of Wisconsin, The Nile Club is: Sam Walters, Malachi Kaehne, Chai Devlin, Samwise Baker, and Jack Lusk. The band formed as a trio (Walters, Kaehne, Baker) in 2017, and began to combine their solo writing into cohesive music in a leaky basement. With multiple writers and frontmen, The Nile Club gives you something to blast on your speakers in times of both joy and sorrow. Subject matter spanning from tales of fantastical creatures to the wage gap to feelings of self-illusion, The Nile Club speaks for the losers. Recorded and mixed out of basements in Sun Prairie, WI, their debut LP “Motions” came out in October 2019. It was graciously received by their local communities, and they played multiple festivals and house shows in the beginning months. The group then moved to MKE, WI in early 2020, and as well as playing larger and louder shows in the city, they used the many dreary months of the pandemic writing and recording their follow-up album. This album is to be called “Wake Up With a Sense of Pride”, and it is coming to the world SOON in 2022