Queer Spotlights: Closing Celebration

Wed 06/30/21
All Ages

Beta Feature: Screenshot Flyers

1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Storytelling by Yante Turner and Matthew Lewis (Ex Fabula)

Pop-up shop by Lion’s Tooth

Music by Negative/Positive and Maat Mons

Queer Spotlights is comprised of five queer-centered events showcasing music and other artforms from every corner of the LGBTQ+ community. Each event celebrates various groups, leading up to a celebration focused on bridging the gap between generations of queer people. All ages, especially youth, are encouraged to attend.

Show Lineup


Genre: Indie Rock

Negative/Positive are a teen indie punk rock band from Milwaukee, featuring Ava Gessner, Ava Antonie, Phatanoune Douangvilay, and Roxie Zweber. The Ava’s met in 2013 at Girls Rock Milwaukee, and after spending a week writing songs like “Kiwi On My Shoe,” they embarked on what would be a seven-plus-year journey of making music. They’ve released two EPs and recorded an upcoming full-length album, ranging from Riot Grrrl queer love songs to soft rock songs about the impending doom of climate change. Never ones to underwhelm, the addition of PD and Roxie in 2020 has pushed them to create even more in a time of less possibility. Fans of The Regrettes and Beach Bunny will love Negative/Positive’s unapologetic sound.

Maat Mons / bdwthr

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: electronic

“maat mons is a producer/vocalist native to milwaukee’s north side. blending found sounds and homebrewed synths to make a mix of rnb/hip-hop/pop, they specialize in esoteric, electronic landscapes and emotional verses.

In early 2020, they released their EP ‘safe.stuck?’ under the name bdwthr, a glitchy meditation on time spent inside.
Their upcoming project, ‘map of a mountain’, is due August 2021.”

Yante Turner

Genre: Poet
Yante Turner is an openly Trans & Queer Black change agent of Milwaukee. With his background in community care and trans liberation work, Yante serves to uplift, support, and advocate for the diaspora of Black Trans people. His passion leads him to wear many hats and have a role in the world as fluid and open as he is. His many roles and hats include working as a Full Spectrum Doula for queer and Trans BIPOC, providing labor support care, abortion advocacy, community defense and Safety task force curator, and a facilitator of all the things Trans, Black, Healing, joyful and challenging! Creating affirming spaces that also foster continuous learning are important factors in Yante’s work, as the fight to decolonize, stripe white supremacy from our communities, and love radically stand at the forefront of his work and life.