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Wed 06/16/21
All Ages
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Queer Spotlights: Multimedia Showcase

June 16 - Queer multimedia showcase

Art from Gus Pointer-Mace, Tobias October, Tavi “Unx Ugly” Climaco, and Jakob Tisdale

Poetry by Grey

Music by violethead

Short film by Pamela Westphal

Queer Spotlights is comprised of five queer-centered events showcasing music and other artforms from every corner of the LGBTQ+ community. Each event celebrates various groups, leading up to a celebration focused on bridging the gap between generations of queer people. All ages, especially youth, are encouraged to attend.

Gus Pointer-Mace


Tavi “Unx Ugly” Climaco

Tavi aka Unx Ugly is a self taught, non-binary, Latinx artist born and raised in Milwaukee. They currently are a digital artist that has also dabbled a bit in making earrings.
Their art is very personal to them, as it reflects their emotions/anything they are going through at that time. Their art and what they create in general is a part of not only their existence but their lively hood. Without art they’re not sure where’d they’d be.
Currently they stay in California with their family, on occasion visiting home to MKE because at times they miss the city they have grown to love/is a part of them. You can find them there usually doodling while Tangled or Frozen plays in the background.

Jakob Tisdale (tiz.)


Jakob Tisdale (tiz.) is an amateur pop artist from Milwaukee. His artwork explores the relationship between growing up to understand hidden horrors that exist in his favorite cartoons and memories. Twisted fan theories, disturbing truths, and coming of age during Post 9/11 America heavily influence his oil pastel illustrations.



Grey has been featured in Thrillist for Milwaukee event calendars as well as Red Fez Publications for her short story, “Eggs Break”. She’s taught English at Carroll University and Brookfield Central High School. Currently, she’s a contributing editor for Red Fez Publications but gets paid for selling eyeglasses. Her girlfriend Katie and their dog Juniper frequent adventures in this unstable world.


violethead is a solo electronic project wrested from the void by Ellen Kimberly as she rots in bed on her laptop. her EP ultra is available on Bandcamp.

Pamela Westphal


Pamela Westphal is a Milwaukee based filmmaker that specializes in documentary and non-fiction work, with an emphasis in post-production editing. She enjoys working with both analog and digital mediums, as well.as experimenting with different techniques and formats. Pamela‘s goal is to make content that amplifies the voices of marginalized people and provide support and resources to those in need.

Tobias October

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