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Wed 06/23/21
All Ages
Suggested Donations to Butterfly Collective

Queer Spotlights: Spotlight on BIPOC Artists

June 23 - Spotlight on BIPOC artists / fundraiser for Butterfly Collective

Art from Mothspit and Kenzy

Music by flowers4ever and Maat Mons (bdwthr)

Short films by Nick Leffel

Queer Spotlights is comprised of five queer-centered events showcasing music and other artforms from every corner of the LGBTQ+ community. Each event celebrates various groups, leading up to a celebration focused on bridging the gap between generations of queer people. All ages, especially youth, are encouraged to attend.



I’m Mothspit (they/them), An indigenous (Onieda, Ottowa, Ojibwe, Aztec, Apache) artist from Milwaukee. All of my art is very personal to me and is creating with intent to cope with life. My instagram is @Mothspit and it’s the best way to contact me for art purchases and commissions!!

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(Milwaukee, WI)

“flowers* is a delicately fragile artist hailing from the enchanted nightless garden. influenced by MIA, stereolab, portishead, bjork & cardi b, she produces and composes her own unique beats matching them to her aromatic flow. her music is best as the soundtrack to your mid-summer garden frolics or the hype music for fighting transphobes everywhere.”

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Maat Mons / bdwthr


“maat mons is a producer/vocalist native to milwaukee’s north side. blending found sounds and homebrewed synths to make a mix of rnb/hip-hop/pop, they specialize in esoteric, electronic landscapes and emotional verses.

In early 2020, they released their EP ‘safe.stuck?’ under the name bdwthr, a glitchy meditation on time spent inside.
Their upcoming project, ‘map of a mountain’, is due August 2021.”

Nick Leffel


Nick Leffel is a BIPOC Milwaukee-based filmmaker and musician that expresses themes about cultural upbringing, sexuality, and personal narrative.

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