The Nile Club • Social Cinema • Harrison Gordon • LoBi

Tue 11/07/23
$12 ADV // $15 DOS

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The Nile Club

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

Named after an abandoned pyramid-shaped nightclub, THE NILE CLUB is: Marcie Star, Samwise Baker, Sam Walters and Jack Lusk. Formed in 2017, the group has always had a staunch love for the DIY arts. After meeting up in a few basements in Wisconsin, they eventually combined their songwriting and self recorded their first LP “Motions”, which then came out in 2019. THE NILE CLUB then quickly found their place in the emerging Milwaukee music scene in 2020, sparking connections and friendships quickly with other artists. After quarantine, the group had amassed enough material to release their second LP, “Wake Up With A Sense Of Pride” which was released in January 2023. They celebrated this release with a small run of sold out dates, accompanied by their friends in Shoobie. The album features anything from lovesick pop anthems like Forever Is A Word, to the self deprecative calamity of Burnt Young Man, to the soul crushing story of Open Arms, which is wrapped in a spaced out jazzy groove. Many shows and some new music on the way, keep your eyes peeled!!!!!

Much love -The Nile Club

Social Cinema

(Wichita, KS // Lincoln, NE)
Genre: Alternative, Indie

Social Cinema is a new band with over a decade of history. More accurately, Social Cinema is the latest chapter in a decade-plus friendship and artistic journey evolving alongside the people behind the music.

When three Wichita friends, Austin Engler and brothers Griffin and Logan Bush formed Kill Vargas in 2013 as young teenagers, they couldn’t have guessed that they’d all be still performing together a decade later. Along the way, the trio would cross paths with Nebraskan band, Death Cow, featuring Mari Crisler and Reed Tiwald. Between sharing bills and sleeping on each other’s couches after shows while on the Midwest DIY scene grind, the three and two would become inseparably close, and eventually join forces as five in 2021, under the new name Social Cinema.

Whether it’s due to their years as touring musicians, gradually honed songwriting and stylistic ambitions from scrappy, garage-y roots, or some combination of all of the above, Social Cinema makes an immediate impression with seasoned beyond their years songwriting chops and a road-hardened work ethic and resolve to match. Since adopting the Social Cinema banner in 2021, the alternative/indie rock quintet has issued three EPs — 2022’s Causing Scenes and Repeat and Get Along in 2023 — and a number of singles highlighting the outfit’s multifaceted songcraft prowess, and has shared bills with the likes of Metric, Saint Motel, Bad Bad Hats and more.

After releasing Get Along in Spring 2023, Social Cinema is gearing up to share its next EP and second to debut in 2023. Titled Stay Numb, the three-track release continues Social Cinema’s adoption of professional studio polish, this time bringing that refinement to the direct, galvanizing punch of the band’s garage rock roots. Spanning territories that range from anthemic power-pop on the opener and title track, “Stay Numb,” to the heavy, feedback-laden riffs and grooves of “On Time,” this latest chapter in Social Cinema’s journey is a celebration of the sounds and scenes that got each of its five members to where they are today. Whereas Get Along showcased the quintet’s ambitions to bring its sound to new, more stylistically dynamic, and fresh territories, Stay Numb is a loud and proud assertion of the band’s DIY ethos and the wallop of its no-frills rock roots not only intact, but stronger than ever.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock
LoBi is the project of Milwaukee based multi instrumentalist LoBi LoBianco. Hailing from the East Side of Milwaukee, LoBi incorporates the styles of Midwest Emo, Garage Rock, Punk and Indie Pop.
They’ve just released their debut EP “Spanish Shame” – on all streaming platforms.