Umru • Petal Supply • Andrew Goes To Hell

Sat 11/18/23
$20 ADV // $25 DOS

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

After coheadlining an Australia tour earlier this year, umru and Petal Supply face off in a tour across the US and Canada

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(New York, NY)
Genre: Glitch, Pop

New York-based Estonian-American music producer & DJ umru emerged to the forefront of the pop music zeitgeist at a young age via his early work with Charli XCX, A. G. Cook & PC Music. Through wide-reaching collaborations and sample packs, his distinct fusion of earworm songwriting with distorted sonic maximalism has come to define the cutting edge of popular music.

Petal Supply

(Toronto, Ontario)
Genre: DJ, Electronic, Pop

Petal Supply is a Canadian producer, songwriter and vocalist who glues together elements of trance, hardstyle, and nightcore with bouncy, elastic sound design in a pop context. After only a handful of releases, the 909 Worldwide member rapidly built momentum in the experimental pop scene, collaborating as both a producer and vocalist with artists such as Himera, Laura Les, umru, and Rebecca Black.

Andrew Goes To Hell

(Chicago, IL)
Genre: Hyperpop, Pop

Andrew Goes To Hell is a Music Producer from Chicago, IL.