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NOTE: doesn't have to be new releases. fundamentally interested in learning about your tastes
Positions of Interest(Required)
No experience necessary. Interested in creative folks with good attitudes that are punctual and eager to learn. Bartenders start at $8/hour Barbacks start at $10/hour ID folks start at $12/hour Production team starts at $12/hour Hospitality team starts at $16/hour.
Bar Service Team: Have you bartended before? If so, where? Have you had a job where you handled cash/credit card transactions? If so, where? Production Team: Have you organized events before? Describe you favorite types of events to organize or attend. Do you have ideas for events you want to curate? Hospitality Team: Do you have cleaning experience? Please describe. Doesn't have to be formal
Please list 3 references. Name, Title or Relationship to you, Phone number
Please select all times you could be available to work shifts. Sometimes shifts extend slightly past listed time for cleaning.
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Our Bike Benefits Program: 2-for-1 on all beers and rails during happy hour if you ride your bicycle to the club
Cactus Club
2496 S. Wentworth Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207
  • WED & THURS: 4:00 PM—12:00 AM
  • FRI: 4:00 PM—2:00 AM
  • SAT: 11:00 AM—2:00 AM
  • SUN: 11:00 AM—10:00 PM
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Just Announced
Sat 03/26/22

SV Presents: Toner

$10 ADV // $12 DOS
Thu 03/03/22

SV Presents: Sen Morimoto • Gauss

All Ages
$16 ADV // $18 DOS
Sun 03/20/22

Trapper Schoepp

$15 ADV // $20 DOS
Thu 03/17/22

The Ophelia’s

$12 ADV // $15 DOS

CLUB RULES: No sexism, no racism, no ableism, no ageism, no homophobia, no transphobia, no fatphobia, no hatefulness.

Cactus Club is committed to creating a welcome and inclusive environment. Predatory behavior is not tolerated. All gender expressions are welcomed and affirmed.

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