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Thu 10/07/21
All Ages
$10 DOS

‘Comedy at Cactus’ Hosted by Reier Cammerman

Notice: Proof of vaccination is required for entry into this event. Please show a valid vaccination card, clear photo of card, clear photocopy of card, or your state immunization registry which can be accessed online.

Reier Cammerman

(Lumberton, TX)

Reier Cammerman’s comedy is a sincere autobiography of the strange and hilarious events that have made her who she is today. She’s often described as “strange and confusing”. Raised in Lumberton TX, Reier combines southern charm with her unique view of current events to offer a refreshing perspective to the audience. Growing up in musical theater, she has a natural stage presence and acting ability that allow her to appear both loose and in control at the same time. In addition to comedy, Reier unicycles competitively and owns 5 disabled pugs. She acknowledges that this is ridiculous and excessive.

Luise Noé

(Milwaukee, WI)

Luise Noé is a fresh Milwaukeeian, having made her way from Germany over Austin to the Midwest. She loves making silly jokes about literature, beer, genitals, girlie stuff, and figuring out life in the US—imagine Elle Woods trapped in the psychology of a European soccer hooligan! She was invited to the Arts of Female Comedy Festival, Denver, CO for the past two years and used to host the longest-running comedy open mic in San Marcos, TX.

Mike Jonjak

(Milwaukee, WI)

Comedy can be messy and Mike Jonjak doesn’t keep a clean house. And the house might be haunted. Comedy fans will find familiar joke structures in Jonjak’s act, but it’s his blend of characters and physicality which keeps audiences rolling with laughter. Mike has been featured on the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, and independently produced High Concept and the game show FUBAR with Blimp Peters.

David Louis

(David Louis)
David Louis loves wiffleball and has serious opinions about mustard. He currently eats carnival food year-round in Milwaukee, fueling his high-paced, witty descriptions, that will have the whole audience reaching for their tums. Dive bars, a comedy club attached to a strip club, casinos with chain-smoking retirees… he’s performed at all of them.  You might have also seen him at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy  Festival, Hoboken Comedy Festival, Beast Village Comedy Festival in Des  Moines, Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival in Columbus, and Cream City Comedy  Festival. He’s also worked with Micheal Ian Black, Matt Braunger, Stewart Huff, Joe Machi, Eddie Ifft, Mitch Fatel, and Sean  O’Donnell. In 2017 Milwaukee Magazine included David Louis in their “Best of” issue.

AJ Grill

(Milwaukee, WI)

AJ Grill is a standup comedian currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An Iowa native, AJ won the 2016 Penguins Comedy Club ‘Funniest Person in Iowa Contest.’ His comedy is a casserole of silliness, wordplay, and humorous stories of personal calamity. AJ performs at clubs, bars, and DIY shows all over the country. He has opened for Colin Quinn, Christina P, and Eddie Pepitone among many others. AJ has recently performed at the Altercation, Memphis, and Cape Fear Comedy festivals.

Chastity Washington

Chastity Washington Career Highlights:
NBC Diversity Finalist
Montreal Just For Laughs
BET Comic View
HBO Comedy Wings Winner
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