Good Vibes Only: Paperstacks • Phif • 2HI • MeloCHLD • K’Money • Tai Mistyque • Ernie Z • Dayja Anthony

Sat 08/13/22

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Genre: Hip-Hop


Genre: Hip-Hop


(Nashville, TN)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Blending free-spirited psychedelia with melancholic trap and hip-hop, 2Hi creates an all immersive sound.  His music speaks to the sub-conscience, exploring mental health, identity, and self love with rare authenticity.  Born in Milwaukee and raised in Nashville, 2Hi first attracted attention with his 2020 full-length ‘2 Birds’.  With its dream-like and adventurous sound being served as a perfect introduction to a vital new artist.  The following year 2Hi released ‘White Lighter Bad Luck’, its diary-like lyrics and euphoric production really gave us the taste we needed, with each track pilling back the layers of his artistry. Since then, he has maintained a steady stream of  performances, song features, and cameos, making a name for himself.  With new things planned for the future, 2Hi is poised to leave a lasting impact on modern music.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop

MeloCHLD, the “mellow child” is a Milwaukee based vocalist that aims to capture listeners’ ears with his catchy melodies and smooth-toned voice. Influenced by many artists, having grown into his own, passionate sound, MeloCHLD looks to showcase music that is an art form capable of bringing people together.

Tai Mystique

Genre: Hip-Hop

Fearless, empathetic, and unwaveringly dedicated to creating a better world, Tai Mistyque is the perfect musical embodiment of the modern women. With a dynamic mix of R&B, EDM, and alternative pop, she writes songs that tell the stories of ordinary women and the pursuit of their dreams. Tai is dedicated to using her god given gift to create a better, and more equal world for everyone.

“If music was a person, they would be who I would tell all my secrets to,” Tai says. It’s been that way since the earliest days of her youth. As the oldest of seven children, music gave her an outlet for self-discovery. She spent endless hours turning her diary entries into poems and songs, developing a style that was deeply personal yet contained a universal message of love and acceptance.

Tai Mistyque creates music everyday women – whether they are seeking spiritual enlightenment, fighting for equal rights, or simply pursuing their dreams. She wants her music to be a soundtrack for those who are determined to make the most out of their lives. Tai Mistyque is the real deal – a once in a generation talent capable of inspiring true change through inspirational music.

Ernie Z

Genre: Hip-Hop

In less than a year’s time, Ernie Z has risen from virtually unknown to being one of the hottest young artists on Milwaukee’s burgeoning hip-hop/R&B scene. Thanks to his thought provoking lyrics, moody productions, and charismatic presence, he has quickly earned a devoted fanbase in his hometown. Now, with the release of his most compelling music to date, he is on the brink of attaining a national audience. Ernie Z first emerged in 2020 with the single ‘Take It Slow’ With its personal storytelling and trap infused rhythms, the track set the stage for a series of increasingly well received singles, including Agree On Love and Blessing. Ernie continued his hot streak the following year with the collaborative tracks Hotel and ‘On My Level’ each of which added to his rapidly growing following.  Ernie’s popularity received two major boosts in 2021. First, the video for Agree On Love won a major local award. Then, ‘On My Level’ was played at a nationally televised Milwaukee Bucks playoff game. Much additional media acclaim is to follow as Ernie’s stature continues to grow. Ernie’s unique in his ability to jump from genre to genre, never allowing himself to be pigeon holed. In his still-young career, he’s shown an uncanny proficiency in hip-hop, pop, R&B, and everything in between. Currently, he is getting ready to take his career to even greater heights. With new music expected in 2021, Ernie Z is poised to be a fixture in modern music for years to come.