Seventh Stanine Festival Milwaukee

Sat 07/30/22
All Ages
$20 ADV // $25 DOS

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Performances By: Keith Hanlon • Normal Rituals • Tom Wincek • Taffy Puller • Mariage Blanc • Jon Camp • Cassini • Names Divine • Bill MacKay • Attorneys General • The Caribbean • Group of the Altos • All Tiny Creatures • Collections of Colonies of Bees

Notice: Proof of vaccination is required for entry into this event. Please show a valid vaccination card, clear photo of card, clear photocopy of card, or your state immunization registry which can be accessed online.

All sales are final. Please take note of our current COVID-19 policy stated across multiple platforms.

Show Lineup

Keith Hanlon

(Columbus, OH)
Genre: Electronic

Between gigs engineering and producing sessions at Columbus’ historic Musicol Recording and his own startup, Secret Studio, he spent time carving out these ambient pieces at home and in the studio. The former Black Swans drummer and multi-instrumentalist has released four ambient/done records since 2015, and with this album he begins to shift from strictly ambient to an album that adds elements of downtempo electronic music.

Normal Rituals

Genre: Experimental

Harsh noise duo Normal Rituals have a new record out on FTAM Productions. It’s two tracks each about twenty minutes long, featuring guitar, synthesizer, and scrap metal. Things are plucked and played sporadically yet spaciously, carefully yet chaotically.

Tom Wincek

(Middleton, WI)
Genre: Experimental

A digital, generative, improvised representation of minimalist orchestral music, bound with a distorted reflection of non-genre specific dance music. 

Taffy Puller

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Experimental

Drummer Jon Mueller and guitarist Chris Rosenau became friends in the early 1990s and have been playing together in bands and projects ever since.  Taffy Puller is one of those projects.  A duo started in the summer of 2005 with a set of unplanned and unrehearsed improvisations, Jon and Chris found themselves unexpectedly embracing the most frenetic and textural areas of their abilities.  Taffy Puller has only played a handful of times since 2005, but each instance has embraced the DNA from the original show to explore similar spaces of energy and texture through volume and improvisation.

Mariage Blanc

(Pittsburgh, PA)
Genre: Indie Rock

Thoughtful indie pop from Pittsburgh, PA.

Jon Camp

(Washington, DC)
Genre: Americana

Jon Camp is a fingerstyle guitarist and composer from the Washington, DC region. His music encompasses American Primitive Guitar, psychedelia, country, drone, and more.


Genre: Indie Rock

“Astral fingerpicking weaves through rippling drones of sickened fuzz one minute, and cosmic blues licks are bouncing between walls of lo-fi motorik beats the next. This is the kind of album that just begs to be played as you’re cruising down an empty highway, heading towards the sun.” -Record Crates United

Names Divine

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Experimental

Kendra Amalie is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and new media artist combining technology and tradition to estimate the sound of modern folk. In her latest musical incarnation, she plays fingerstyle guitar on an acoustic/electric 12-string accompanied by motion controlled synths.

Bill MacKay

Genre: Americana

“For years Bill MacKay has soldiered on as one of the most skilled and tasteful guitarists in Chicago, a player who fluidly moves between jazz and rock while making several stops in between. He’s gained attention for his quartet Darts & Arrows—a tuneful fusion band that somehow bridges a gap between Larry Coryell’s early work with Gary Burton and Tortoise at their most lyric—but other sides of his musical personality have commanded the spotlight too, including the rustic, folksy one on display in his duo with Ryley Walker.” -Chicago Reader

Attorneys General

(Baltimore, MD)
Genre: Experimental

Attorneys General is a project led by Matthew Byars of DC-based band The Caribbean.  A formative experience for Byars as a listener was hearing the work of soundman Martin Swope of Mission of Burma on their seminal 1985 live record, The Horrible Truth About Burma, in which Swope, using a reel-to-reel tape machine, captured, looped, manipulated, and destroyed elements of the band’s sound in spontaneous and unexpected ways.  Byars has adapted this approach to having three-four people (different players every time, mostly) generate utterly improvised sound through a mixing board he controls, which allows him to capture, loop, manipulate, and destroy the sounds they create. Results vary from the transcendent to the disastrous, but the inherent risk involved is, ultimately, the point.

The Caribbean

(Washington, DC)
Genre: Americana

“They’re taking Brill Building songs and writing them in invisible ink, turning jazz standards into Twilight Zone episodes, turning folk songs into clouds of fog.” 


Group of the Altos

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Americana
Milwaukee’s Group of the Altos’ last release was 2015’s R U Person or Not. Their last public performance was in May 2016. Although some members continued playing together in Marielle Allschwang & The Visitations, Hello Death, and Collections of Colonies of Bees, they were on hiatus. Then, in December 2020, Altos remotely re-assembled to record “River.” The whole band was stunned to hear themselves conjured back into existence. They wanted more. And so, they have reconvened, and are ready to perform again. The group’s membership has fluctuated over the years but is currently composed of Daniel Spack, Tom Duffey, Ken Palme, Shawn Stephany, Erin Wolf, Nathaniel Heuer, Amelinda Burich, Adam Krause, Marielle Allschwang, Heather Hass, Russell Rossetto and Jen Schattschneider.
“…the unruly outfit embraces a newfound sense of urgency, turning in remarkably compact compositions that are more “rock” than “experimental”…Still, both then and now, “cinematic” seems to sum up Group Of The Altos’ sound and ethos.”  -Matt Wild, Milwaukee Record
The Altos will bring a whole bunch of instruments and intend to get loud.

Collections of Colonies of Bees

Genre: Experimental

For two decades, Collections of Colonies of Bees have existed in various forms and incarnations, beginning with Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller (who split time with post-rock band Pele).

From there, the line-up grew and evolved. At one time, Nick Sanborn — currently in the spotlight as one-half of Sylvan Esso — counted himself as a member. At another, the group joined forces with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon to release two albums under the moniker Volcano Choir. (In fact, it was Vernon who proclaimed of his collaborators: “If the world was perfect, they would be as big as U2.”)

Never content to paint the soundscape twice, the previously instrumental Bees now come outfitted with vocalist Marielle Allschwang and their most recent full-length, HAWAII, that finds the Wisconsin-based ensemble harvesting the fertile intersection between experimental and pop to maximum effect.