Spider Creek • Eli $tones • Clayton • 2HI

Sat 08/06/22

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Spider Creek

Genre: hiphop

Spider Creek is a music collective based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin consisting of roughly 30 artists ranging from musicians and producers to visual artists. Sonically, the group enjoys the term “Genre Fluid” to describe the sound created in their studio, titled “THE ATTIC”. (As it resides in the attic of the home 3 of the 4 original members live in.) The collective’s inception took place in March of 2020. In an attempt to escape the insanity of the early stages of the pandemic the 4 original members, SAINTRÈ, Ian James, Makatà and Lizzie Kay rented a house in northern Wisconsin on a body of water called “Spider Creek”, with the intent of writing a collaboration album. At the end of the week they had finished the project and went their separate ways as artists. Over the course of the next year and a half they continued to have Spider Creek recording sessions while maintaining their solo artist status. It wasn’t until January of 2022 that the 4 decided to focus on creating a collective. Since that time the group has invited new artists to each session adding to the complexity and eclectic nature that Spider Creek embodies. Attempting to make each lock in recording session a new and exciting experience for the artists involved. Hoping to allow them to meet and work with artists they have not in the past as well as create an environment that feels professional while still having the aura of a comfortable home. As a team, Spider Creek has released 2, 9 track albums, 3 singles and a 3 track EP since the beginning of 2022.


Genre: Soul/R&B

Clayton is a Milwaukee based vocalist that sets himself apart from his contemporaries with his full, lush harmonies and sweet-sounding vocals. Using influences from artists such as Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Chris Brown, and many other artists; Clayton has found himself setting into his own, unique sound. Clayton is reinventing the outlook on any imagination of a typical R&B song by using aspects deriving from classical music, including the use of stacked harmonies and adlibs with smooth transitions led by theatrical vocals. His music brings beauty to moments like messy arguments and loneliness, makes you hungry for the moments that foster growth, and make you thirsty for the deep colors it brings to your mind’s eye.


(Nashville, TN)
Genre: hiphop

Blending free-spirited psychedelia with melancholic trap and hip-hop, 2Hi creates an all immersive sound.  His music speaks to the sub-conscience, exploring mental health, identity, and self love with rare authenticity.  Born in Milwaukee and raised in Nashville, 2Hi first attracted attention with his 2020 full-length ‘2 Birds’.  With its dream-like and adventurous sound being served as a perfect introduction to a vital new artist.  The following year 2Hi released ‘White Lighter Bad Luck’, its diary-like lyrics and euphoric production really gave us the taste we needed, with each track pilling back the layers of his artistry. Since then, he has maintained a steady stream of  performances, song features, and cameos, making a name for himself.  With new things planned for the future, 2Hi is poised to leave a lasting impact on modern music.